Drawing Service

To machine all cnc and water jet components, we will first require a DXF file of the project. If you are sending us your cad drawing please keep the file size to minimum, with just the information you think is relevant to our involvement. This will increase your security and will focus our attention on the relevant information. 

If you already have this we can get on and cut it straight away.

If you have a cad drawing which need to be manipulated to suit your project, in most cases we can help with this too.

For thoses who do not have the experience in CAD we can provide this service for you. We will require either an image/ photo/ jpeg of what you are hoping to achive. alternatively a traditional sketch.

We will then turn this into either a 2D drawing or 3D model depending on what is required from the project. Once you have aproved the drawing we can then going into production. 

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