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A customer asked us to take a hard wearing ceramic floor tile, and cut there Logo into it. Then cut a white silestone insert to create an inlayed effect.

The customer supplied a DXF outline of the image. The DXF outline was exported from their CAD package, which we could upload straight into our waterjet software.

The cutting process was completed in just over an hour.

Swoon on a Spoon Bespoke Metal Floor Grate Mat

This project was just a sample job. The end job will be a metal grill made from brass, which will be inserted into the floor and concreted in, to create a bespoke entrance. In this case we took a good quality jpeg image imported it into our cad and had one of our draftsmen trace the image and create this elaborate design form the image provided by the customer. We carried out the test in an engineered stone of a similar colour. This process was more involved. The drawing process was around 3 hours, the cutting took 12 hours . Here are the results:




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